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Search for sites that are framing your site
SameOwner.com allows to search for sites that are framing site in question. Sometimes people present content of your site on their own sites using HTML FRAME or IFRAME tags, stealing your bandwidth and violating terms of use of your sites, so it's recommended to detect such framing sites.

To search for sites that do framing, just enter it the site being possibly framed into the main entry field, without quotes, so the entry contains just something like sitename.com (without quotes) and hit Enter. Note, only 2nd-level domains can be inspected for being framed, you can't search for sites that are framing some specific subdomain, like stories.mysite.com - the search results will contain all sites that are framing any subdomain of mysite.com including mysite.com itself.

SameOwner.com knows about 773 thousands sites being framed, so happy searching!