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List all domains owned by same cybersquatter
If you found some domain for sale by some cybersquatter or person who trades domains, you can list all their other domains for sale - e.g. to choose another, better one domain, or to buy several domains at once, for a discount. SameOwner.com gives you oportunity to list all domains owned by same cybersquatter - just run analysis on their base domain from which they sell all other domains (to do this, right -click on the page, and choose "Page Info" in the context menu - to see URL of the site from which content actually comes. Cybersquatters typically use IFRAME to include main's site content on each domain they own.

SameOwner.com can list all sites that include content of the site in question using FRAME or IFRAME html tags. You can also use SameOwner.com to see what other sites are showing your content on other pages, stealing your traffic.