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Find sites by same webmaster/company
A lot of webmasters or companies own more than one website. Using SameOwner.com it's possible to find all sites owned by same company/webmaster with ease! Just type in any site name in the input field and hit Enter to find other sites owned by the webmaster or company.

Free report will list the count of websites own by same company or webmaster. You can purchase a detailed report with names of sites owned by the same company/webmaster for a small reasonable fee.

If you are manufacturer or service provider

If the site in question belongs to your competitor, you will know what other products they sell or promote. The reason they sell those products is that it uses same technology or has something common to the product you are manufacturing, so it may make sense to consider manufacturing similar products for you too.

If the site in question belongs to your potential or partner, you will be able to decide whether you can make partnership relationship in promoting or cross-selling their other products.

If you are webmaster

By findinng sites by same webmaster you can estimate level of experience the owner of website has, and list niches or websites you can cooperate or crosslink .