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Discover networks of websites
Some webmasters create networks of websites that have common content - it's important to identify or discover such networks. Sites in the network of sites often share same content, but use different designs and domain names. If you've discovered that webmaster of such network has cheated in some way (e.g. told you wrong number of site unique visitors or the income of traffic for the site, or clicks on your ads in automatic way), you may decide to disable dealing with all sites in the network (e.g. placing ads on all sites in the network of sites).

So SameOwner.com can be used to discover such networks of websites - just run analysis by typing name of site in question and hit Enter.

If our site tells "no results found" for that domain name (that can happen if the site is very young and our spider didn't have a chance to reach it), you can extract Google Adwords ID or Google Adsense ID from that site manually and enter them instead of site name; this way you'll still be able to identify network of websites.