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Welcome to SameOwner.com! If you are running any internet business or wish to start one - SameOwner.com is a must have tool for you!

You can find other sites run by same owner as site in question using SameOwner.com - just type its address in the entry above and hit Enter! It will instantly show you count of sites by same owner, and you'll be able to purchase a detailed report listing each site name for a very reasonable fee.

As an added bonus, you can use SameOwner.com to study your own sites - to detect stolen content or traffic theives ("framers") - people who steal your site's code sometimes forget to remove your Partner Ids from it. Sites that "frame" your site using FRAME or IFRAME html tag will be listed by SameOwner.com too.

Results of sample search of sites using same Google Adsense Id

Short list of uses for SameOwner.com

  • Find websites made by same company or webmaster to better estimate cooperation oportunities and/or plan competition. Knowledge of the projects and websites run by your competitor can help you choose right partners in competition.
  • Study certain niche in internet or software business by identifying unique players in that niche. Often companies use several brands for the same product, in order to raise market share and better influence market.
  • Identify fake customers or partners listed on competitor's website. Some people list other their own sites in the list of customers or partners - identify such fake relationships to better estimate business of your competitor.
  • Find out other domain names of same site belonging to your competitor. This way you can find missing keywords you forgot to optimize your site for or to guess the plans of your competitors.
  • Plan your online advertisement better and avoid cheating webmasters. By knowing that webmaster of some site cheats by clicking on your ads, disable advertisement on all other sites made by same webmaster - discover networks of websites and ban your ads from showing on entire network.
  • Get insider information by finding out the blogs of some site's owners. Webmasters usually have blogs where they disclose financial results, plans for future or list their mistakes - get access to this information by finding the blogs of webmasters!
  • List all other domains domains owned by same cybersquatter (for sale or parked). Typically cybersquatters use IFRAMEs to include the main page of their site on each domain they own. This can estimate the cybersquatter's business better, predict prices they may agree on, or find better domain for sale by the same cybersquatter to buy several domains at batch with discount.
  • Search for websites that use given Google Analytics ID, Google Adsense ID, Yahoo Partner Network ID or same Kontera ID. Sometimes internet thieves steal your pages' source code and forget to remove your partner IDs from it. By searching for your partner IDs you can find sites that stole your code.
  • Search for sites that are framing your site to detect illegal framing. Sometimes people include content of your site on their own sites using HTML FRAME or IFRAME tags, stealing your bandwidth and violating terms of use of your sites.
In short, if you are running any internet business or wish to start one - SameOwner.com is a must have tool for you!

How does it work?

SameOwner.com runs spider on the web and on results of search engines and website directories, and studies as much webpages as possible, like Google spider or Yahoo spider do. It does not access password protected resources, and it operates only using publically-available information, so it's absolutely legal.

Number of known sites

SameOwner.com has too many sites in its database! It has 3074 thousands sites that use Google Analytics Id, 1546 thousands sites that use Google Adsense Id, 21 thousands sites that use Kontera Id and 17 thousands sites with Yahoo Partner Network Id. Also SameOwner.com knows 773 thousands sites whoose content is included using <FRAME> or <IFRAME> html tags by other sites. SameOwner.com knows about 1095 thousands unique Google Analytics IDs.

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